How we work

Our Process Overview

  • Remote access of EMR & PMS system installed on-site given to Sysfore
  • Access to super bills, patient demographics through FTP or EMR With 100% safe & Secured
  • Patient demographics, charges with relevant CPT’s as per ICD’s guidelines are entered into the billing system
  • Generate electronic, papper claims and bill to Insurance
  • The EOB/check/EFT for all claims are uploaded to FTP
  • ERS posted to PMS, EOB analysis and payment posting
    1. Will help improve your business practice engagement, reduce cost, improve productivity with quality and also meet the reporting of core measures.
  • Denial analysis, Correspondence, appeals and resolution
  • Billing next carrier
  • Reporting on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

Six-sigma based quality approach

  • We define Quality as meeting and exceeding customer expectations consistently through our "right the first time" approach
  • We work across the value chain to boost operational efficiencies, reduce costs and enhance customer experience
  • Improved capabilities and assets to boost revenue generation, customer experience and service optimization
  • Operational excellence by combining technology expertise with a thorough understanding of our customers' current and emerging needs; and a commitment to process and quality
  • Business process efficiency in real time by responding to real time alerts
  • We follow a world class Quality Assurance Plan that rates quality across each and every process step in actionable and measurable parameters

Data security and confidentiality

Sysfore Data Security and Confidentiality Policy is designed to cover all aspects of data security at both the company and operations level. The policy covers both physical and data security measures taken by Sysfore.

Infrastructure & Technology
  • Switched Gigabit backbone network
  • Switched 100Mbps Distribution network
  • Separate VLAN based network segments for each project
  • Dual firewalled segments
  • Separate firewall for each network segments
  • Centralized firewall for all segments
  • Linux based firewalls
  • VOIP based telecommunication systems
  • Dedicated reliable VOIP based communication systems to US
  • Windows Based Desktops
  • Centralized Virus and Threat Management.
Physical & Data security
  • Shop floor movement recorded and restricted entry- permitted only with access badges
  • Only data required to discharge duties shared with employees
  • Signing up Non Disclosure and Non Circumvention agreements
    1. NDA signed by all the employees at the time of joining
  • Stationery, communication devices or any electronic gadgets strictly prohibited on shop floors
  • CCTV coverage on shop floor for constant surveillance
  • All the data is destroyed once client approves successfully executed job
  • Any print outs if taken are crushed by shredders
Training Management
  • The process is well documented and process specific SOPs are created with the help of Feedbacks from the clients.
  • Refreshing training are conducted frequently.
  • Process and industry specific tests are conducted on monthly basis to make the employees up-to-date.
  • Industry specific updates are monitored consistently and relayed to the employees.
Software enabled Solutions
  • Technology is the backbone of our solutions.
  • Our experienced software team has deep domain expertise as well as technical skills on trending platforms.
  • Tailor-made solutions to suit your requirements
  • Easy tracking of daily workflow
  • Streamline payment posting
  • Easy identification of critical tasks