Medical Billing Services

What we do?

We are a Healthcare IT and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) company providing services to Physician Groups, Hospitals with Facility Systems and RCM Companies across the US. We have a highly trained team of RCM specialists working with a proprietary and customizable workflow system.

Our healthcare business Process services

End to End Revenue Cycle Management
  • Our end-to-end services focus on the entire revenue cycle, including validating demographics and billing, to patient calling and reporting.
  • Eligibility verification and Claim enquiries
  • Batch Management System
  • We work with you, using your current software platform and clearing house, and do all the processing work on your behalf, making Sysfore your go-to partner for revenue cycle management needs.
  • Built-in rules that lead to high accuracy and speed
  • Seamless work across services avoiding manual handoffs
  • Smart allocation of sub-tasks which increase productivity
Revenue Cycle Management

Customized Medical Billing Services

We are system agnostic. Sysfore’s revenue cycle services are offered on nearly 25 software platforms, including all the mainstream systems and many proprietary systems.
Adherence to all the latest billing and regulatory standards, consistently exceeding the 98.5% quality threshold for clients.

Medical Billing Process Cycle

  • ICD 10, CPT Coding
  • Demographics and Charges Entry
  • Payment Posting
    1. Our services combine significant experience in payment posting with high accuracy levels and quick turnaround times.
    2. Utilize our experience in working with more than 22+ data management systems to your advantage.
    3. Perform complex validations for specific domains
    4. Complete an audit of every transaction for configured rules
    5. Easy reconciliation and consolidation of daily work
    6. Adjustable Resources as per client specification
  • Clearing House Rejection Handling
  • Denial Handling
  • Accounts Receivables & Collection
    1. Integrated Accounts Receivables Management System
    2. Web claim status and eligibility verification
    3. Generate appeals letters and redetermination letters
    4. Ad hoc and development of performance based reports
    5. Process claims faster without compromising accuracy
    6. Built-in templates to generate letters for your customers helping save time
  • Follow ups
  • Our A/R experts understand time is critical when it comes to working on physician and hospital claims.
  • With proactive approach leads to higher resolution rates and improved collections.
    1. Appeals
    2. Correspondence
    3. Denials Management
  • Provider Credentialing and Eligibility Verification
  • Provide strategic Business Process Outsourcing solutions to clients and enable them to
    1. Increase their operating efficiencies
    2. Consolidate their competitive position in the market
    3. Strategic solutions implemented globally, including Fortune 500 companies
  • Generating Patient Statements
  • Strong focus on delivering the entire spectrum of business processes
    1. Shared back office processes
    2. Industry specific processes.
  • Patient Calling