Healthcare process outsourcing

Facilities Compliant as Compliance

  • Currently serving various healthcare providers across United States including Hospitals.
  • Experience in more than 25 specialties and has the required domain expertise to transition on any new specialty.
  • Currently our team has professionals specialized in medical coding (AAPC Certified), billing, accounts receivables and collections for multiple specialties across various platforms.
  • Our Current capacity is to handle more than 5K claims every month end to end with the ability to scale up within short duration.
  • Regular skill enhancement and development programs for employees and have a large pool of cross-trained and deployable talent for any need.
  • We have successfully implemented IT solutions for various Health care providers.
  • HIPAA Compliant process methodology.
  • A/R collection cycle substantially better than the national average.
  • Large talent pool of AAPC certified ICD 10 coders.
  • Leadership team having several years of combined management experience.
  • Quick, nimble and quality focused entity.
  • Assets to deliver the right solutions with a strong measurable ROI.
  • No upfront costs, pay out of your saving.
  • 24/7/365 world class support
  • Flexible engagement models
  • Implementing and delivering Conventional and Modern Practice Management Systems across different specialties.
  • All our Quality control procedures are designed and implemented around kaizen and six sigma methodologies

Our Specialty Proficiency

Internal medicine
Physical Therapy/Speech/Occupational
Anaesthesia and pain management
Chiropractic Services
Urgent care and few more!!

More about our BPO Services

  • Our BPO Division has been operating since 2006/7.
  • We service customers who have a need for non-standardized, customized BPO services that require medium sized teams, high delivery quality, SLAs and extremely reliable delivery
  • We have an IT team that can help you to automate automate processes and achieve total control on production quality, production efficiencies and capabilities to handle disaster recovery situations with tailor made customized tools
  • We are a 100 people team. We can scale team, operations and management staff immediately.
  • We have proven delivery and reference customers who will vouch for the quality of work, service and engagement
  • We can quickly adapt and handle emergency situations as and when the need arises.